Bull Mats - Cooking Surface

Have you ever wanted to cook vegetables directly on your pellet grill but found it fell through the grates?  How about cooking fish on the smoker and having it flake apart making it difficult to handle?

Now you have options!  The Bull Mat makes this a thing of the past.  Simply place a sheet of Bull Mat down on your indirect heat grill (hardwood smoker grills) and throw the vegetables (think green beans, asparagus, mushrooms!), meat, fish, bacon or kabobs right on it.  Easy!  Food does not fall through and it is much easier to work with.

Cleanup is a breeze… wash off with some soapy water and a sponge, rinse and done!  Flavors are not absorbed into the Bull Mat so it does not transfer to other food… even with fish!

Use the Bull Mats for your smoker pellet grills, ovens, food dehydrators and dedicated smoker units!


-FDA food compliant

 -Non-Stick (wow!)

 -Flexible surface (even wrap your roast or fish!)

 -Will last years… designed for performance!

 -Cut it with a scissors to fit your space!


**Warning:  Do not use this material over direct heat like gas or charcoal grilling!  Works on indirect heat grills like hardwood smoker pellet grills, ovens, food dyhydrators and dedicated smokers!

*** The 11.5" x 16" works great with the BR4 & Br6 Bull Rack System.